We are aware of the following issues:

  • Some Android devices will not let you upload profile pictures.
  • Emojis/smileys does not work in the game chat.

Why do I not get a reply on my support case?

Either your answer is in this FAQ or you will receive a reply as soon as we're finished with your case. The process may take several days.

Why do I still see ads when I have upgraded to Premium?

Go to the upgrade section in the app and tap the "Restore previous purchase" button. You can also try to upgrade again. Premium is a non-consumable In-App Purchase bound to your iTunes account (for iOS users) and to your Google account (for Android users) and money will never be charged twice for one users account.

I want to play on both my iOS devices AND my Android devices or change from one OS to the other. Do I have to pay twice to get premium on all these devices?

Unfortunately, yes. The payment services are completely different and are handeled by completely different companies (Apple and Google). There is no way for the World Board Games Team to offer one premium version for both operating systems at once.

I have forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Start the app and tap the "I Forgot my Password" button and follow the instructions. You will get TWO mails to your registered e-mail address. The first one is NOT your new password, but a verification code so that you can identify yourself. Then you will get a new randomly generated password. Use it to log in to the app and change the password to anything you like in the Settings sections of the app. Video instructions: I Forgot My Password

I'm trying to reset my password. Why do I not get any e-mails?

1. Make sure you check the e-mail address you used when registering your World Board Games account.
2. Make sure your mail system does not filter the mail as spam/junk etc.
3. The process is automated, but sometimes e-mails are slow. Give the system up to an hour to send the mail.

Video instructions: I Forgot My Password

Why do I get server communication errors sometimes?

This is almost allways related to lack of WiFi/internet connection, but the servers are taking care of an amazing amount of calls every second and sometimes they get overloaded. We are continuoulsy working with server performance to cope with the massive load of server calls.

Why are there no smileys in the chat?

We have chosen to keep the chat feature simple to start with until we see how this affects the servers.

Why can there only be two players in a game?

Each player has up to two days (48 hours) to make a move. For example, if four players could participate in a game, it would at worst take eight days before the first player can make it's next move. In the current version of the game, we have decided for every game to be a duel between two opponents.

Why can I not play offline?

This is a game for device-to-device communication over the internet. If you want to play offline or against a computer there are several other apps available for this. In the current version of the game, we have decided not to implement offline games and games against a computer opponent.

Is the app really free?

It is free to play, but the app can also be upgraded to a premium version without ads and delays. The premium version also gives you more concurrent games and longer ranking lists.

For how long do I have to wait for my opponent to make a move?

All players have 48 hours (2 days) to make a move. After that the player will auto-resign and loose 50 points. If the game is not just started you will win the game. Noone will be the winner if too few moves are made. Players will get 2 reminders (push notification needs to be turned on) before auto-resign. The first reminder when there are 24 hours (1 day) left to auto-resign and the second reminder when there is 1 hour to left to auto-resign.

Why isn't the time to make a move shorter/longer than 48 hours?

Some players says 5 minutes is enough. Some players say that they are travelling and cannot make moves every 48 hours.

If the time was lower than 10 minutes, push notifications would sometimes reach the player when it's already too late to make a move.
If the time was lower than 30 minutes people would not be able to take a shower.
If the time was lower than 8 hours people would not be able to sleep at night.
If the time was longer than 72 hours a game could go on for months.
We picked 48 hours (which is a bit shorter than most similar turn based games) many years ago and we see no reason to change it today.

Why do I show up in the wrong ranking list?

This is based on the locale settings in your device. Changing that is the only way to fix this issue.

When will the next update be released and what new features will there be?

For various reasons we can not reveal that information. The best way to get this information as soon as possible is to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. You find links in the main menu of the app.

When will the next World Board Games app be released and what game?

For various reasons we can not reveal that information. The best way to get this information as soon as possible is to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. You find links in the main menu of the app.

How can I sign up to become a BETA tester?

Unfortunately you can't. The BETA testing team is picked by the World Board Games team.

My app i frozen. How do I continue?

Do the following steps and try again after each step:

  1. Restart the app.
  2. Kill the app process in your device.
  3. Restart your device.
  4. Delete the app completely from your device and download/install it från App Store/Google Play again. You will not loose any points or information. Everything is stored on our servers.
  5. Still not working? Send us a support case and describe the problem in detail.

Does ranking or experience points affect game difficulty?


Are the dice really random?


Does the game work on ALL devices running any iOS or Android version?

Unfortunately not! There are thousands of Android devices and it's impossible for us to make sure the game works on all of them. Apple also continuously remove support for older devices and older iOS versions which affects the game. We also use some features that are not available on old versions of Android and iOS. Some old devices will not run the latest OS versions either. This also means that we can not guarantee that devices and OS versions that run the game today will run the game tomorrow. Some day all devices and OS versions will get too old.